What Is The Best Digital Camera To Buy ?

I want to buy a digital camera, generic viagra nothing too expensive but just something I could take on holiday with me. My price range is £150 and lower. I want something with lots of good features. Any suggestions.

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  • ?

    Depends if you want a “Point & Shoot Pop In Your Pocket” compact camera or “Complete Control Mega-Zoom SLR-style”…

  • brianthe

    If you can find a Canon S5 IS on ebay for £150 then you have a grand camera.
    Tip: If you can find a Canon S2 IS on ebay you could be doing yourself a grand favour. I bought one for the Mrs last year and the screen stopped working … so I took it to my local Canon dealer, they sent it off to Canon and it turns out it is a well known problem and they replaced the camera with the S5 …. so for an outlay of £80 you could get a camera worth over £200 …. Happy days.

  • lobobar

    I have just bought a canon ixus 75 and it is the best compact camera there is

  • www.plan

    I recommend the Canon Elph series of cameras. We have the Canon SD750, and just love it. It is small, inexpensive, and really easy to use. Plus it has a huge 3-inch LCD screen. I would also recommend buying a large memory card and an extra battery.

  • Buddha Dude

    You should checkout the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS5 10.1MP Digital Camera or maybe a Sony Cybershot.

  • Ask Me Anything!

    Nikon CoolPix P5100

  • spunkymo

    I always recommend Canon Ixus – excellent lenses and picture processor. I have an ixus 800, its a compact which is ideal if your going out and have to carry it around as it fits in a pocket or small bag just fine.
    I paid £210 on amazon October 06 so you should be able to pick one up in your price range. They have loads of features but are so easy to use you won’t get confused with all the settings, big lcd screen and decent battery life. 3x optical zoom and 6megapixels has served me well although I’d recommend a 1GB sd card which will let you take 350 pictures on best setting.

  • Bob P

    I like the Fujifilm Finepix range, so do most of my family. They do everything you normally require, at a reasonable price.

  • ladywicc

    Have a look on ebay for a Canon PowerShot A510,
    I have one and they are a brilliant little camera!
    Canon is the best as far as camera’s go in my mind anyway!
    Good luck and happy holiday!

  • wes2000@

    Pentax just released a new 8MP point-and-shoot camera with a pretty reasonable price tag for the features. Theres a good review of it at
    Hope it helps

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