What Is The Best Digital Camera For Darkened, Indoor Work?

I am searching for a current model digital camera, pilule no more than $700, that takes great shots in darkened and indoor locations. Failing that, recommendations for what features to look for in order to meet this requirements would also be very handy! Thanks.

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  • bonairet

    With or without flash? Without, I would do a D50 with a 50mm f 1.8 lens. That would be around $600. If it is with a flash, I would suggest loo at the SB 600 or SB800.
    Here is what to look for: a) lower noise at higher SA speed settings; b) faster lenses (f2.8 and below); c) ideally, image stabilizatio; and d) the ability to use an external flash.

  • haslo

    Well, I assume you mean a point-and-shoot…you ought to be buying a digital SLR, but that requires a lot more photography skills. Nonetheless, Nikon D50 would be a good start if you choose the SLR route. Don;t know much about point and shooters. Whatever you choose, for darkened interior shots you need a fast lens, meaning a lens with a good maximum aperture (2 or 2.8 would be good). If you plan on using flash, a good flash would be needed as well…not the one that is built in, but a separate one. But that takes you above $700…

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