What Is A Great Digital Camera To Purchase?

I want to purchase at least a 7.0mp point and shoot digital camera with a high ISO and great flash. Compact preferred. What is one that’s priced between the $200 and $300 range?

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  • Petra_au

    Most compact cameras don’t really have a very good usable, high ISO-with most, able to produce decent shots of only up to ISO 200.
    Probably two cameras that come to mind that are the exception, are the…
    Fujifilm Finepix F30, which is THE best compact camera for low-light, handheld photography without flash, that has a very usable ISO of 800 and even 1600. It’s the best small camera for inside shots (parties, concerts, museums etc) and it has an amazing battery life of up to 580 shots!
    The very stylish looking, Canon SD700 IS performs quite well at higher ISOs too…it rated very well against the Fuji…but the Fuji wins in that area.
    They are only 6MP, which is more than adequate for most purposes. Also look at the 6MP, SD600.
    The Canon A630 and A640 (8MP & 10MP respectively) are both very good cameras-they have full manual control if you want it….the A640 performs slightly better, but still not able to produce anything decent much above ISO 200.
    I would buy the Fuji for it’s low-light capabilities alone. The F31 fd (a slight upgrade) will be released very soon.

  • Picture Taker

    Consumer Reports for November 2006 has ranked the Canon Powershot A620 as the best compact digital camera. It is becoming almost a legend for longevity at the top of various consumer lists. It looks like this model has been replaced by the A630, which I would expect to be just as popular. The A640 appears quite similar and shares the “600” series numbering, so I guess it’s just another upgraded version of the now-classic A620. It looks pretty much the same except for being a 10 MP camera.
    I own a few Nikon DSLR’s and I’d buy the Canon A630 or A640 for myself.
    The A620 was rated about twice as good as any as far a battery life. I hope the A630 and A640 are just as good. Use Energizer e2 LITHIUM batteries and you will be happy with battery life.
    With this camera, you will find the memory card is a cute little token of thanks from Canon, but not much more. Buy a 1 GB Sandisk Ultra II or Extreme III card. You will NEED the increased capacity and write speed to fully realize the benefits of your camera.……
    If you want a sleek, smaller camera that will easily fit in your pocket, consider the Canon Powershot SD600. It gives up some of the features of the A630 and 640, but at least it still has an optical viewfinder.…
    If you want to trim the budget a little, the Canon Powershot A430, A530 or A540, are all great choices. You will need a decent memory card, though. I’d say get at least 512 MB.…

  • Steve :

    Dont get a sony. Due to the fact the memory cards are so much more expensive

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