What Brand’s (and Model) Ultracompact Digital Camera Is The Best?

I’m planning to get an ultracompact digital camera. Now, best cialis I’m still unsure of the camera specifications I’m looking for. All I know now is I want to look for a camera which takes quality photos, without the flash turned on (good image stabilization). So, I need your help, and advice. Thanks…

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  • jp

    Image colour *naturalness* -> I find Nikon a distict best (closet to real), followed by Panasonic and Canon (slight less vivid), followed by Sony/Kodak (too dark, unoriginal colors). Of these, I have used Nikon and Canon and seen many Sony pics from friends’ cameras.
    Image *sharpness*-> Of course you will need “Optical Stabilizationb”. There are two types -> “Image sensor shift” and “Optical lens shift”. Most Nikons have ISS, Canon has OLS (the actual brand/flagship stabilization name is usually different, ISS/OLS I mentioned above are technical terms). Although few Nikons have OLS, and the quality difference between ILS/OLS is my personal view.
    Other things to look out for:
    -> zoom range (wide angle 27-30mm TO super tele > 210mm) [35mm equivalent] built-in range is good. Nikon P80/Panasonic FX18, Sony H50 all have wide angle to > 400mm tele.
    -> optical zoom during video (dont let this be deciding factor if you are really kneen on just photo features, as a camera that has this may not necessarily have best image features). If you finalize on Canon, you may try S5IS.
    -> manual settings, specially manual focus, manual shutter speed are *REALLY* good to have.

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