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Digital Camera As A Christmas Gift For A 10 Year-old Girl And 12 Year-old Boy?

I’m thinking about getting both of my kids a digital camera for Christmas. Do you think 10 and 12 are appropriate ages for a digital camera? And at that age, cialis do you think it would be important to get both the same camera – except different colors?

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  • Tito

    I’m 15 and i got one last year so i would wait a couple more years

  • Jeremy

    You can gift them different colors of digicam
    and i think its fine if you gift ur kids a digicam
    This can help them to learn new art called photography!
    Have a look on these profitable coupons that would help you to get discount on your Digital camera that you wish to buy for ur kids. Just check this website from where you can collect these fantastic coupons for free

  • Amy

    Hi Justin……..Can listen to me, I am a professional camera man and photography is my hobby since 1960. Spent ten of thousands dollars on it with usage of at least 8 cameras from Kodak Brownie to Minolta, Rollei, Yashica to Nikon. I have one Minox that is 1inch sq. Did from b&w self-print to studio print, kodak color in 60s @ US$1 each print in 3R size….. now at US$0.10c for 4R. Crazy with Exhibition & Contest Prints……winning something each time. Best was Winner of Afga Photo Contest in 70s, a S’pore Zoo foto of Amin the Orang Utan (Big monkey from Indonesia).
    My advice: Ok buy one cam for them to share with a good powerful std computer or lap-top to learn to edit & process & print (all in one go). It can be an investment for their future in fun or in work… photography takes years to perfect your skill with non-stop learning. Encourage them to join the school photo club and cultivate their interest along this line for a future…… the development of art. I am an artist too for painting & designing .
    Buy mid-range items to last for 5 years as there is a need to upgrade along with skill & new products of better performances…..2nd good cam or video cam in 4 yrs to fit as adult use.
    Check with me if need more info. Learn from Website is the Best & good with a teacher.

  • Artoro KJ Dancer 11999

    Digital Cameras
    Or find at this site.…
    Hope this help.

  • Mguide

    the girl a makeup set the boy a bb gun

  • sohail

    Seems young to me. I would wait until they turned 18 for stuff like that.

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